Baby: 6 Things you need to register for

Oh the excitement of making a baby registry. So many things this new little person will need. Or so you think, at least until they get here and you realize all they need is you, diapers and milk. Many sites cover registering for the basics. I’m not going to bother making a long list. Instead, here are the 5, SIX things I absolutely loved having when my daughter was born, and more importantly, I still use them even though she is 14 months.

1) Aden & Anais swaddling blankets. 

There is a reason these things are probably on most lists – they are fantastic, they stretch, they breathe & they get softer with every wash. They are honestly worth the extra price tag. You will only need 2 or 3 of these babies for all your light blanket/swaddling needs. For a pack of 3 blankets look to spend around $30-$40

2) Aden & Anais changing pad cover

As mentioned above, this brand is worth the money ($25-$30). I have loved our change table cover since we got it. I have yet to switch it out or buy a new one and it washes extremely well. Its much thicker than other change pad covers and oh so soft. Seriously, spend the money.

3) Carter’s Keep Me Dry Changing Pads

Now that you have your fancy new Aden & Anais changing pad cover use these to PROTECT it from messy diapers. They come in packs of three for $10. Not only can you use them at home but they are great to travel with for changing in public restrooms. They wash really well. Ours are still like new, 14 months later.

4) Dresser & Change Top

I put these two things together. When we were shopping for our nursery I came across many change tables. A lot of them were tiny and I really couldn’t see any long term use for them. What we ended up doing is an Ikea Malm dresser ($150) with the change top from Land of Nod ($115). The money we saved on the dresser was spent on the change table. Both of these pieces are still holding up well and look fantastic in our nursery. Bonus, the dresser will be useable even after she is out of diapers!


4.5)Loveable Creations Felt Animals

After posting the picture of my changing top & dresser, I realized I forgot about these critters! I attached them to the wall using those handy velcro sticky things by 3M so once my daughter became antsy during changings, she could not only grab these but rip them off the wall without me cringing! I bought these from our local store. They can be found here:

5) An incredibly soft floor blanket

This is my go to gift for any new mom. I loved putting my daughter down on it when she was first born. It is incredibly soft AND cute. Once again, a little pricey ($59) but I have yet to find anything that even compares to the one you can find at Pottery Barn||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-NoMerchRules

6) A Large Stuffed Animal

This is an idea I found from a friend. They had received a very large teddy bear as a gift for their first born. Pictures were taken at 1 day, 1 week and every month after with the bear. It’s an awesome way to show how your baby is growing! We did this with our daughter and on her first birthday I strung all the pictures on a ribbon on the wall with clothespins (which I just realized I never took a picture of!) My husband and I bought her bear while we were in NYC from FAO Schwarz.


I used Amazon lists ( when I was creating a registry and also for Christmas & Birthday gift ideas for my family. I am a huge fan of Amazon. We buy a lot from the site just because its easy, fast & most often the best price. I also live in a small town where the selection is less than ideal for pretty much everything.

Happy Registering!!


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