Black Friday aka American Thanksgiving

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to all the Americans, or as the rest of the world is now starting to know it as – Black Thursday/Friday/Saturday. If you need a new TV or big electronic device then I don’t blame you for waiting in the lines at absurd hours (We did it 3 years ago and our 40″ Emerson Walmart TVs are still going strong – NO REGRETS).

My husband, daughter & I ended up at the mall around 9 am on Friday just to look and really there weren’t any fantastic deals. We mostly went to see Santa – which didn’t end too well, my 16 month old apparently hates him. Anytime I saw something I would want to buy as a gift, I looked at the line and made a mental note to buy it online when we got home. I think the majority of people are beginning to think this way and I really hope American retailers STOP making people work on such an important national holiday. I was shocked to learn that stores would be getting fined if they were NOT open (and not just on Thursday but ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT) . How crazy is that?! I love me some Banana Republic but not at 2 A.M. Huge props to Nordstroms for staying closed.

I come from a community where when it’s a holiday – EVERYTHING is closed. Fines are given to stores that open, and you know what? since the big retailers know that the other big retailers aren’t opening at crazy hours – they stay CLOSED. I love it. It forces you to spend quality time with those around you. No running errands , no buying things you don’t need and no milling around the mall. Plus , if you really need to shop .. the internet is always open.

Amazon had great lightening deals and it’s awesome you can see when the deal is coming up. As I’ve said before I’m a huge fan of Amazon. Also most of the retailers offered the same deals online as they did in-store. If you’re buying gifts – you would be guessing at sizes anyway so it’s much better to stay home on these days! That’s what gift receipts are for!

I hope the states starts reversing this trend of staying up all night and opening on Thanksgiving day. I think all of those who cut their holiday short to go to Wal-Mart would be extraordinarily thankful.


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