What Mom Wants for Christmas:

Oh how I hate the question “What do you want for Christmas?” To be honest, if I see something I like that is reasonably priced, I buy it for myself, regardless of the time of year. There may be one big ticket item I tell my husband and parents to chip in and buy me but honestly it’s nothing I need. And it’s mostly so I don’t get a bunch of stuff I need to return (yes I’m one of those, I hate clutter and things that tend to go into storage and never see the light of day).

So on behalf of all busy, tired Moms out there , this is what I think most of us want:


Whether it’s extra time with our kids or an hour to ourselves. How can you buy this elusive present for your favourite Mom?

Easy Peasy.

1) Book a family weekend/day/afternoon away. Go sledding, to the movies, to a hotel with a pool (and spa if you want extra points). Here’s the catch though – after booking it make sure YOU are the one who packs for the kids (or at least helps) and plans where to eat and what to do when you’re there. Let Mom kick up her feet without worrying if she packed enough snacks and remember the bathing suits.

2) Spa Gift Certificates

These are incredibly easy, however when I received $200 worth of gift cards for a birthday they sat in a drawer for 9 months. Why? Because I don’t take time to go to the spa. So along with buying massage/mani/pedi gift cards – set up an appointment time AND a babysitter. This is the golden key. Also, if you’ve booked a hotel with a spa.. send Mom down on her own while you watch the children.

3) What does she like to do when she has an hour to herself?

Is it read? Ask what books she would like, or get a Kindle/Kobo with a gift card. Yoga/Pilates? Get a gift card for classes for her favourite studio. Movies? Set a date  night to go see whatever new is playing (chances are, she hasn’t been to a movie rated higher than PG since before she was pregnant).

4) A cleaning lady! Seriously , my house is usually somewhat tidy but I hate spending our Saturday’s giving everything a good cleaning. Ask around for recommendations or look into Molly Maid and other services if they are in your area. Maids typically charge $20/hour in our area. They can come once a week or once a month! Leave the house for a few hours for some quality family time and come home to a cleaner house ! It gives me chills just thinking about it.

Don’t be afraid of the ‘gift card’, when it’s done with thought and a personal touch they really are a great gift! As a working mom , I hope my husband and other significant others read this and spoil the hardest working woman they know!!!


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