Beer Lovers’ Advent Calender

So I saw this idea through a friend’s Facebook page and thought that I could definitely rock this project out. Usually with any Pinterest/craft ideas I ignore and go looking for something someone else has already made. This is an incredibly easy and awesome way to score points with your significant other and literally takes 20 minutes. You can always do a much prettier version but I didn’t have enough time for that!

Step 1: Buy beer


Around Christmas time it’s really easy to find Holiday mix packs by different brewers. I bought 4 mixed 6-packs of varying flavours. Since we are nearing 12 days until Christmas Eve you can easily do a 12 pack

Step 2: Tape Beer Together and make sure it is sturdy at the bottom


If you have an old 24 case lying around,  this would be best. I didn’t have that so I craftily used a lid from a box as the bottom and taped all my 6 packs together. I made sure the tops of the boxes were level-ish.

Step 3: Wrap the Box of Beer


Step 4: Tape Numbers 1-24 (or 1-12) on the Tops


Mix them up, and BAM! Advent Calender for Drinkers.

Step 5: Bask in the light of awesomeness when your significant other sees their gift

Personally, I would love to receive a 12 months of wine. I think this would be an awesome gift idea for wine lovers. AND if you plan on doing this talk to your local wine expert (the LCBO usually has GREAT advice) for wines that taste best after aging for a year.


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