Product Review: Roomba – Pet & Allergy


My husband is usually in charge of the vacuuming in our household and with a toddler, a dog and a cat – our floors get pretty terrible and slightly embarrassing when people unexpectedly  come over for a visit. With both of us working we just don’t have the time to keep the house spic & span. With my large italian family, drop in visits are a regular occurrence & I’ve stopped apologizing for the state of our house and have started saying “We’ve given up trying to keep it clean.”

So when my husband mentioned in passing he would want a Roomba for his Christmas gift I dismissed the idea. Who would want a vacuum for Christmas?! Well as the 25th fast approached and I couldn’t think of a better idea – I went online and investigated the idea of the Roomba. Online reviews were fantastic and for that price point ($500 canadian) I would hope for nothing less. So I bit the bullet and ordered this cleaning robot.

When it arrived I was surprised at it’s size, it’s not huge but it’s definitely not petite. I made sure it was charged and ready to go for Christmas morning and nearly got attacked by it as I was trying to turn it off (true story).

My husband was actually very excited to receive his gift on Christmas morning, apparently all you need is something with an on switch to make a man happy!

We used the vacuum right away and were AMAZED at how great it does. My favourite part is that it gets all the Cheerios under the couch and goes under the bed and scoops up all the hair balls! After 3 days EVERYONE (how embarrassing is that?) noticed a huge difference in the cleanliness of our floors. The best part is starting it when you leave the house and coming back to clean floors. It sometimes takes awhile to figure out where it’s supposed to clean and it isn’t terribly quiet – but not as loud as a regular vacuum. So I suggest running it when you aren’t home, but it did NOT wake up my daughter during nap time.

I seriously can’t praise this little robot enough and I can’t wait to get him a friend – the Scooba – which apparently rocks at actually SCRUBBING your floors. Hopefully we will get him in the next year!

So if you hate vacuuming, have children, pets or messy people that live in your house AND have $500 laying around to spoil yourself -> BUY A ROOMBA!!! There are other models for less $$$ and I’m sure they work well, but I can’t compare since I haven’t seen them in action!


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