Pregnancy: Bundle Organic Prenatal Beverage Review

Since my last pregnancy and with my recovery from my C-section I felt that I could have done a better job loading up on nutrients & vitamins. I eat pretty healthily but I didn’t realize what a toll pregnancy is on the body and how you really need to boost your vitamin/nutrient intake. I was so excited when I heard about these pasteurized pre-natal drinks from Bundle Organics. I had already had my little girl so they would have to wait until next pregnancy to try them out. Well, that time is here (and the reason my posts have not been regular – morning sickness is a b*tch!).

I ordered the three pack of orange, green & purple from (18) and I received it a couple of weeks ago. Right off the bat I was disappointed in the colour of the drinks, by no means were they vibrant or fresh looking at all, BUT they’re loaded with good things for me so I tried to disregard the colouration of the drinks and suck it up.

I started with the carrot drink:


As you can see the colour isn’t the greatest, what you can’t see is that there were particles floating around in it even after vigorously shaking it. The taste was really hard to describe but my best description would be ‘medicinal citrus’. You know that kind of weird after taste tylenol leaves in your mouth if you don’t swallow it fast enough? Basically, not fresh at all and there is no way I would be able to drink an entire bottle of this. After such a disappointing start to trying these I thought maybe the green and purple ones would be better…..

So next I tried the Kale (green) drink. Once again, colour was really weird and there were some suspicious chunks floating around. I found the green to be marginally better than the orange but I still had to dump it down the drain. That nice fresh burst of greens you expect with any green smoothie or freshly made juice just isn’t there. Not even a hint of it. I suspect this is because of the pasteurization – which is necessary if you’re marketing to preggo’s.

.   IMG_3327

I saved the Dark Berry Veggies (purple) drink for last. I figured this one would be the best tasting because of the berries and maybe a bit more sugar would help with the taste. Well, it definitely tasted OK compared to the last two but again , I had to put it down the drain (and I HATE wasting food/drink). If you’re keen on trying these I suggest just trying the Purple one.


So overall, I love the idea behind these drinks but the taste/flavour/colour just wasn’t for me. I am way too addicted to fresh tasting foods and drinks. So if you’re looking for a way to get some more greens in your diet here is a “Green Drink” recipe my husband and I make on a regular basis. If you have a juicer – it will probably taste awesome. We just use a blender and so sometimes there’s bits of spinach in it – this doesn’t bother us but I can definitely see how it may bother some people.

Green Drink

2 carrots

1 stick of celery

1 apple

1/2 cucumber

1/2 lime (peeled)

1/2 lemon (peeled)

1/2 banana

2-3 pieces of pineapple

Throw all of these in the blender with some ice and a bit of orange juice (or whatever type of juice you have lying around – water would work too, OR if you have some bundle organics purple throw that in there to help everything blend)

After it’s blended it will be an orange-y colour – throw a few handfuls of spinach in and blend again until it’s green!

It tastes FRESH and citrus-y and is all kinds of deliciousness. In the summer we sometimes add mint if we have some in the garden.

Enjoy! and please if you’ve tried Bundle Organics drinks let me know what you think in the comments!


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