Pregnancy: Here we go again

Well I am officially just over 8 weeks pregnant with my second. It’s both exciting and terrifying – and for the moment, completely nauseating. Hence why my little blog has been neglected these past few weeks. Staring at a computer makes me feel like I’m on a boat and not in a good way. I really am starting to cherish all the moments my husband & I have with just my daughter. I can’t wait for her to have a brother or a sister but I worry that she will feel a little neglected after they are born.

Also the whole issue of taking 6-8 weeks off is always a bit of a stressor when you’re self employed!

My favourite gifts for Christmas were an espresso machine and two bottles of great red wines (a barolo & nebbiolo)… I have been completely turned off caffeine since being pregnant and unless I can enjoy over half those bottles of wine they aren’t worth opening until the fall. All of which are completely worth the wait but I’m still a little teensy weensy bit bummed.

So we definitely started off our new year with a bang and I’m so happy it’s February since that puts me one month closer to getting over this darn nausea!!


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