Photography: What to do with those mountains of photos

I love taking pictures with my Canon 70D. I dream of the day of upgrading my body to a Mark and adding a few L lenses to my collection. However right now there is not enough hours in a day for me to practice and therefore justify the expense. That doesn’t mean I still do not end up with thousands of pictures each year on my computer.

My method of organization isn’t fancy, does not require downloads and basically just needs about 10 minutes of your time every month or two when you upload your pics to your computer!

I started making yearly photobooks about 3 years ago and I find this is the best way to help keep everything organized and have the year in a real life, holdable book. Many people take a picture and it stays on their computer or Facebook account and never goes further than that. I love seeing a real picture it does so much more justice for the subjects than simply seeing it online and clicking ‘like.’

The easiest way for me to organize the photos and make it a simpler task to make a yearly photobook is create an easily accessible desktop icon with the year (so 2015 for this year), then every time I load new pictures on my computer I sort through them, DELETE THE BLURRY ONES!!!!, and transfer my faves to this folder. If we have gone on a trip I simply make a sub-folder within 2015 to store these pictures so I can make a separate photobook or just access them easier if I need to. When the end of the year comes, I do not have the daunting task of sorting through thousands of pictures for the gems. During the year I can see if I should make a photobook of a specific time frame or event if my folder starts getting way too full to possibly fit all the pictures in one book. When my daughter was born I had to make one after 3 months (trigger happy anyone??!)

I use LightRoom to edit and store photos and I’m positive there’s a way to efficiently sort, however I really need to take the time to figure it out. I’m mostly proud I’ve figured out editing and have left it at that. There is photo organization software out there, however I barely have time to play with LightRoom – maybe some day I’ll be brave and download one of them.

As far as photobooks go – Shutterfly is the most user-friendly website I’ve found so far. Lots of options, easy to change the pages and creates a great project.

If you have a picture that you are extremely proud of and want to develop I highly suggest Pro-DPI. I have yet to get a bad print from them and the quality is about a million times better than Walmart and even Shutterfly. To display your beautiful pictures – an Ikea frame usually does an amazing job at a great price. Making a photo wall is definitely doable and cost-effective with their frames.

Happy Snapping!!!


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