Travel: Getting over the fears of traveling in today’s world

Before I had my daughter I never thought twice about hopping on a plane and getting away for a vacation. Now I find myself still wanting to show her the world but having that little voice in the back of my head warning “what if…”

Anyone who is a parent, especially moms, is gifted with a terrible sense of what could possibly happen to your most cherished precious cargo. If they are jumping on the couch – your mind instantly fast forwards to a fall and head bump. Playing with the gate that blocks the stairs? fast forward to it becoming unlatched and yet another tumble. Driving on the highway? fast forward to some idiot cutting you off and getting into an accident. It’s never ending. They are like mini heart attacks. This is something no one tells you about becoming a parent. The fear of what if.

With today’s 24 hour news coverage of everything that’s terrible in the world it definitely puts a damper on traveling. With our upcoming trip to California I am trying to push all the fears out of my mind and replace them with warm thoughts, especially since it has consistently been over -30 celcius where we currently are. Yet thoughts of an earthquake, terrorist attack, airport closures and now measles keep me up at night when I’m thinking of what exactly I should pack.

I tell myself that the majority of the world is good, most people are kind and to let a few spoil the riches of travel is to do a great disservice to what we can offer our children as they grow up.

So here’s to putting those fears at the back of my mind, acting like a cool cucumber and getting prepared for a week of warmth and relaxation. It feels nice to be able to get this off my chest, since in my head I sound a little neurotic 🙂

This is probably why they serve wine on planes, being 11 weeks pregnant I sure didn’t think this out … cheers! and happy, worry-free travels!


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