Perfect Weekend : Skiing & Yoga

Since the beginning of the year I have been sick with either the flu, a cold, or general nausea that comes along with the first trimester. This weekend I finally felt like myself and the weather “d up” enough to get out for a ski. Here is a pic I snapped while on the trail. It’s so serene and quiet you can’t help but to feel at one with nature.


As a working mom I cherish every moment with my daughter but I also love being able to spend time alone taking care of my body. I really believe that keeping active , getting outside and practicing yoga enhances all aspects of life. It makes me a better mom, a better wife and a better business owner. Looking at the below pic … I can’t wait for my pedicure on Saturday!


The busier you are in your life the more you will benefit from taking an hour out of your schedule solely for yourself. Go for a walk, enjoy the silence, take a yoga class , go for a cup of coffee… All these things will free your mind and make the hectic life we all live a little bit more enjoyable.



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