Friday Musings: Photography

Moving up & onward! UPGRADING!

So taking a departure from my mommy based point of view I’ve been thinking a lot about upgrading my camera next week while I’m in NYC. I have a couple lenses I bought while I was learning the basics and now NEVER use. So I may bring them into B & H and trade up the lenses and my body (Canon 7D) for the 5D Mark ii. I have wanted this camera since I started tinkering with photography and since I’ll be in NYC anyway I have a great excuse to finally take the plunge.

I will be trading in my Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM – it’s simply too heavy to travel with and cart around. If I didn’t have a a toddler, diaper bag or several other things to worry about when we are out & about I’m sure I would have learned to love this lens.

I may also part with my 50 mm and upgrade to the 50 mm L. I love this lens. You can’t beat the value of it and if you’re just starting out this is the first lens I would buy after getting used to the kit lens.

I will let you know next week if I decide to take the plunge! I may have to start working more to justify these large purchases!!!

I also just ordered a couple of acrylic prints from .. I can’t wait until they come in and will give you an update on the quality! Shipping was relatively cheap ($48, two large pieces).  I once tried to get an acrylic from a lab in Toronto and they wanted more for shipping than the piece would have cost. I’m lucky I am able to use a Michigan shipping address for american purchases!


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