Travel: La Jolla, California


We are back!!

The temperature has warmed up to above freezing for the most part… which since it was -30 C all February we will take it. Our week in California was perfection. We had amazing sunny and warm weather the entire time. My daughter was in her glory being able to run down the beach and through the water. I’ve never seen this kid so happy to be outside!

IMG_5279PM IMG_5697 *photos taken with my Canon 7D & my 16-35mm f/2.8L lens*

Our favourite place by far was Scripp’s Pier. The sand was silky smooth and the views at sunset were breathtaking. It was nearly impossible to take a bad shot with my camera. I plan on acrylic mounting a few shots for my office and home!

I highly recommend San Diego & La Jolla to any and all families. There is just so much to do and it is so easy to get around with strollers and kids. We hardly got into the car at all over the week which is always a good thing when you have a toddler who hates to be restrained. I had planned on doing a hike(Torrey Pines State Reserve) and possibly a whale watching tour before going but since my miscarriage and the fact we were going against medical advice we stayed pretty low key and hung around La Jolla the entire time. The views from the coast were amazing to wake up to every morning. We stayed on Coast Avenue and were well within walking distance to the grocery store (Von’s) and all the shops and restaurants.

The Food

Our favourite place to eat was The Cottage on Fay Avenue – great breakfast AND lunch and very toddler friendly. We did do a lunch at George’s on the patio – they have a great kids menu but if you have a toddler who doesn’t like being still I would hold off on this one until they are a bit older. We enjoyed our food and our lunch but one of us was always with my daughter trying to entertain her. For the price & the view you want to make sure you can enjoy every moment! Cody’s was also a great place to grab lunch and really child friendly. Their kids menu fish & chips is huge and could have easily fed my daughter and I.

The Adventures

Like I said above, we stayed pretty low key on this trip. We walked the coast every morning – with all the runners and other east coasters not adjusted to the time change – and never got tired of the views or the ocean air. The Children’s Pool with all the seals & their pups was always a delight for my daughter as well as watching the pelicans & seabirds.

My husband ran the San Diego Half Marathon so we did hang out in downtown San Diego one of our days. Brunch in the gaslamp district was delicious.. or maybe it was the bottomless mimosa’s… hard to say. Seaport Village was fun to walk through – we ended up eating at Seasons 52 just past the village which was AMAZING and our fave meal of the whole trip.

I did a couple barre classes at Barre59 – Lisa, the owner was amazing and her class was extremely challenging. Anyone who has done barre classes in the past knows the teacher makes all the difference and she was one of the best I’ve had! I also did a 90 minute bikram class at La Jolla Bikram … I thought I was going to pass out. I’ve only done hour long bikram classes in the past and that extra 30 minutes really pushes you to the edge! I would definitely challenge myself to do it again.

Now that I’m writing this we truly did just chill & relax most of the trip ! It was a great trip for all of us to unwind, relax and get back to ourselves. Now back to reality … and getting back to the right time zone!


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