Food: Sunday Afternoon Charcuterie


There are few things I love more than a great wine and a great selection of meat & cheese. The simplicity of meat and cheese and the bold flavour they can pack makes me a happy girl 🙂

So in order to celebrate my 31st birthday my friends asked what I wanted to do, I have just gotten back from NYC so any restaurant we go to now will seem like a disappointment. Drinks are out simply because I’m too tired by 8:00 and hate leaving my little girl before bed and especially since I was away already for a few nights this week. So being a mom who loves her wine, I suggested a charcuterie & wine party Sunday afternoon DURING nap time. This is pretty much a win-win-win situation. 1) Meat, cheese & wine 2) good company 3) nap time so I have zero mom guilt for leaving for an extended period of time.

Everyone is bringing something but I thought I would post my contribution


Homemade (literally, my father made this) soppresatta

Calabresi hot salami



Sovrano (this stuff is AMAZING, like salty, mild parmesan)


Sharp Cheddar – I grew up eating soppresatta and cheddar, some may look down upon this but growing up Calabrese I’m used to it 🙂


I of course have a Barolo here but I know there will be a Nero D’Avola and likely a Barberesco joining the party as well – If anything is amazingly outstanding I’ll update this post.

Alright – lunch is over – now to tackle nap time for my little one!

Cheers & Happy Sunday to everyone!


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