Poetry In Motion – On a subway in NYC


(photo taken in Central Park March 21/15)

I usually don’t pay too much attention to what is written on the ads on a NYC subway and I’m not sure why I read this particular sign but it honestly gave me chills. I guess they are doing a “Poetry In Motion” series and I’m assuming they have different quotes up in different modes of transportation

I remember my mother toward the end,
folding the tablecloth after dinner
so carefully,
as if it were the flag
of a country that no longer existed,
but once had ruled the world.

-Jim Moore

Growing up italian, dinner – and not just Sunday night – was something you did not miss. No matter how busy you were, everyone sat down to eat, drink & talk together. The food was freshly made and would make most restaurant meals look and taste inadequate. It is a symbol of a country long forgotten. I see it with my colleagues, with some of my extended family members and more often than not with my in-laws. I think many families would be surprised at how much you can come together by simply sharing a meal.

This is a tradition I want to carry on. I want to show my daughter how much joy you can experience with a simple meal with those you love. Sitting down. Looking at each other. Speaking about your day. No cell phones, no TV and no distractions. We will see how much of this fight I can win, especially when she’s a teenager. But looking back – all of my favourite memories happened around a dinner table. This is what most strongly connects me to my Nono & Nana’s table in Aiello, Calabria.

This is our connection to our roots, right here in Canada.

I am so thankful I looked up & read what was around me this weekend in New York. I’ll have to do that more often while in the city that never sleeps.


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