Travel: Our Next Adventure – Italia!

2012 - Looking over Aiello, Calabria
2012 – Looking over Aiello, Calabria, Italia

Now that we are back from California & NYC and have had a couple days getting back into routine it’s time to start thinking “Where are we going next?”

Maybe I’m crazy, maybe I’m still trying to distract myself from my miscarriage or maybe I just enjoy the look of fear on people’s faces when they see a toddler at the same gate in the airport.

I have been fortunate enough to travel to Italy twice. Both times I had plans to visit Sicily, both times we ended up staying longer in Calabria with family and didn’t make it. So when I saw a conference was going to be held there – the first thing I thought was : Perfect!! The first thing my husband thought : didn’t we just get back from vacation?

So we hope to be heading back to Italy in the fall, with a squirmy 2 year old. I am keeping my fingers crossed for some family members to join us. Even with just one child the more help the easier things are (most of the time).

Where my nana lived - in the hills of Aiello
Where my nana lived – in the hills of Aiello

Tentative plans are Florence (for the first part of the conference), then family in Calabria then SICILY! I am trying to keep the trip around 2 weeks, if my husband was able to take more time off I would do 3. PLUS what better place to really try out my new Canon Mark iii?!

It’s early still , but when it comes to travel I am a planner. Eleven of us went 3 years ago and there may have been a poster board agenda … With cutout heads of everyone that was going … (Type A shining through)



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