Free! Giveaway! Stuff!

So I always hate seeing giveaways/free stuff on Twitter in an attempt to get more followers .. yet here I am – but not to get more followers.

I am playing with a little idea I had to market a kit for moms of infants & toddlers to travel with. Basically the essentials that I absolutely need anytime I fly or go anywhere for a week when with my daughter.

SO I am looking for 6 moms/dads/people with little people who will be traveling with a baby or toddler in the next little while to generously give me your address so I can send you a “free” kit.

What are the strings you might ask?! Well, I will also be emailing you a questionnaire after your vacation about what you thought of the product, what you think was missing and any ideas for improvement. That’s. It. No spamming emails for the rest of you life. No phone calls. No signatures.

If you blog – I am not asking for a product review – however if you LOVE it then I won’t stand in your way.

So if you are interested please shoot me an email at let me know WHEN you are traveling so I can have it delivered for you on time.

While I would love to ship worldwide I’m keeping the giveaways to Canada/USA… If I become a millionaire I’ll change this 🙂

** If by some miracle I get an overwhelming response I will send out more than 6 samples **


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