Blogging: Why I can’t just be a “Mommy Blogger”


I started this blog as a way to express how hard I was finding being a mom, business owner, wife and overall human being. After getting my experiences out of having my daughter and all my favourite things about being a mom I realized that there was no way this could solely continue as a mommy blog. I am not just a mommy. This poor little blog would have died a long time ago.

I feared at the beginning that I would just be writing to no one. That there is no way I could connect with people if I didn’t stick to one topic. Well, a few posts later and skimming the surface of my other loves (photography, travel & wine) I realized how great it is to connect with OTHER people who love photography, travel & wine. It allows me to discover other blogs and learn things about others who share common interests AND travel the world through my computer. I have added several places to my travel bucket list from posts seen on here. So I am always excited to do a post on different subjects to see who I will reach and who will reach to me.

It is so therapeutic to write what is happening in life and to reach out to others as they travel through their own worlds. We now live in a world where everyone is so rushed to get to a destination they forget to stop and talk to people along the way. This is why I love blogging, for those days where I haven’t been as social outside of the internet as I strive to be.

It is a place for us to stop, look at each other, take time to understand what someone else is going through and offer advice & support.

So to all of you who are afraid of branching out – don’t be. To everyone who sticks to one topic – thank you! You make it easy to find information and are typically in the know 🙂



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