Travel: Bucket List


I think this may be the first of several travel bucket lists I have. The problem with the internet is that it opens you up to new places and new dreams that you never even knew existed!! My list is pretty tame. I am not someone who craves adventure. Instead I love ocean views, hilly countrysides and most of my destinations have a pretty decent wine list. So (currently) here is my top ten:

1) Sicily – I have twice attempted to visit Sicily  – both times were thwarted by my Calabrian family and the incredible prepared meals for us.

2) Santorini – When we were in Greece we ended up visiting right in the middle of the riots – as such – all ferries were on strike.

3) Prague

4) Nicoya, Costa Rica

5) France – all of it, except Paris.

6) Portugal

7) Sardinia, Italy

8) New Zealand

9) Ireland

10) Andorra

Like I said pretty tame!! And most could probably be hammered out by any dedicated backpacker in 5 weeks. However, I am a slow traveler. I like to spend at least 2 weeks in any one country. I hate being on the rush, on the go. I do enough of that here at home.

I also have the “problem” of simply returning to where I’ve been. Italy especially. Part of my heart will always live there and I am constantly drawn to it. Now that I’m a mom I also like being familiar with a place before bringing my daughter there. It’s a sense of security I never needed before her.

So what tops your travel bucket list???


2 thoughts on “Travel: Bucket List

  1. My bucket list is like a moving target, I keep adding places as a discover them like you said but I am the adventurous type. I would love to go to Africa next by my schedule and budget may not allow it.

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  2. My travel bucket list is like Mary Poppins Bag…. It’s endless. I would love to see Spain, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Egypt, Australian, Japan, South Africa, Austria, and French Polynesia…. For Starters 🙂


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