Ramblings from the past two weeks: Spoiler alert – it ends with Diabetes

Wow… it’s been awhile! I think I just saw some tumble weeds…. Hoping to get back into the swing of things… I have some amazing “foodie” posts I need to get to!

Anyways, work has been absolutely crazy. Anytime I take a week vacation I come back to a month of really busy days. That being said we were able to getaway again for the weekend and enjoy Spring about 3 hours south of here. A few little things and one big thing has happened in the past couple weeks.

1. Spring is here… kind of. I can see my grass AND I even have a couple of tulips starting to sprout.

2. My camera had to go back to B&H for a little road trip due to the biggest debacle with a “return” I have ever encountered in my life. I have never experienced anything quite like it (Maybe once my camera is safely back in my hands I’ll write about that experience)

3. I signed my daughter up for daycare and now have to un-sign her up as I am having anxiety even thinking about it. I cherish my two days off with her a week and am not quite ready to give those up

4. Flights are booked to Italy for the fall! Now to start with the details…

5. Here’s the biggie: The darn cat has diabetes. FML. And I am pretty sure this cat is going to outlive us all. The vet happily informed us that besides the diabetes the cat was completely healthy! Even she seemed to be surprised at that fact given that he is pushing 15 years old. As soon as I heard the words (I kind of figured before we brought him in) this clip from 30 Rock came to mind. So at the very least, if you haven’t enjoyed my ramblings, have a laugh at this!



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