Motherhood: Please don’t ask me what I’m doing Friday night

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After a long week of work there’s nothing better than Friday arriving. A whole weekend ahead, countless hours to relax, have a drink, binge watch Netflix, go out for dinner ….

Oh. Wait.

I have a toddler.

To everyone who enjoys asking what I am up to on a Friday or Saturday night – trust me, if we are doing anything exciting you will know about it weeks in advance. When I ask you to babysit. Or while I text you about it all week because it’s such a rare occurrence. I know you’re being nice. I know maybe you think we are doing something extraordinary that you may be interested in.  So if you’re interested in eating dinner at 6:00, entertaining a toddler for 2 hours and spending another hour putting them to bed then our house is the place for you!

This may be a mini-rant, but let me be perfectly honest – I wouldn’t trade our Friday nights for anything in the world!


Modern “Conveniences” : Why Am I So Busy?!

Take me back!
Take me back!

I’m not entirely sure where I have been for the past two weeks but I can assure it wasn’t anywhere exotic! Life has caught up to me. Work has been insane, my daughter is becoming more & more active with shorter and shorter  naptimes, yardwork needs to be done, dinners need to be cooked and by the end of the day I’m on the couch. Too tired to even lift a glass of wine.

One of my biggest annoyances is rushing. I hate having to ‘rush’ anywhere and yet for the past few weeks I feel like all I have been doing is rushing to get things done! As I was driving home from work a couple of days ago I was thinking of the irony of how much has changed in the world and how all these modern day conveniences have made us busier than ever. If we save an hour by picking up something quick to eat that hour seems to disappear within something else that is supposed to be convenient. If I save time anywhere I would hope that it would be spent with my daughter – instead it’s spent cleaning up, doing finances for work (&home)

Another annoyance I have is when my internet quits and I have to re-write ! (kind of like what just happened)

Anytime I’m incredibly busy I start looking forward to vacation. The best part about vacation for myself is the fact that there is no where to rush to and nothing that has to be done. That I can take a moment and truly appreciate my surrounds and take a big deep breath.

My goal for this week is to find moments to myself, close my eyes & make sure I appreciate where I am and how I got to be here. I think being busy is a good thing – but as with everything else in life it’s important to strive to balance all the business with some quietness.