Motherhood: Please don’t ask me what I’m doing Friday night

photo (3)

After a long week of work there’s nothing better than Friday arriving. A whole weekend ahead, countless hours to relax, have a drink, binge watch Netflix, go out for dinner ….

Oh. Wait.

I have a toddler.

To everyone who enjoys asking what I am up to on a Friday or Saturday night – trust me, if we are doing anything exciting you will know about it weeks in advance. When I ask you to babysit. Or while I text you about it all week because it’s such a rare occurrence. I know you’re being nice. I know maybe you think we are doing something extraordinary that you may be interested in.  So if you’re interested in eating dinner at 6:00, entertaining a toddler for 2 hours and spending another hour putting them to bed then our house is the place for you!

This may be a mini-rant, but let me be perfectly honest – I wouldn’t trade our Friday nights for anything in the world!


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