Travel: Our Time in Greece

My husband and I spent 5 weeks backpacking in Europe  when we graduated in 2010. Our last 7 days were spent traveling through Greece. We started in Corfu where we staying at the (in)famous Pink Palace. A place which is great for young twenty-somethings and a place where I hope my daughter never ventures. Corfu itself was beautiful. The landscape and the seaside cliffs and views were the most amazing sights we had seen through our travels. The food was phenomenal. This was a great start to our final leg of our vacation.


Next up we took a bus (the train operators were on strike) to Kalambaka/Meteora and stayed at Aldo’s Place, a hostel located at the base of the majestic cliffs that cut through the town. Venture up the cliffs and you will find Monasteries that date back to 14th to 16th century. The town is quaint and quiet and surprisingly not too touristy.


Next up bus to Athens. We stopped in Delphi which I definitely wish we had more time to see however it can be done in a day.

ATHENS! We arrived in Athens just a few days after the riots in 2010. There were daily protests and heavily armed police on every corner. People were angry at their government and the tension was palpable. I can only imagine how it was during the riots. The ferries that normally take people to the islands you hear so much about were also on strike. So we were stuck in Athens for the final 5 days of our trip. It’s not a bad place to be stuck at all. We walked around. Enjoyed the city & the food.


As far as the unrest and big decision that lie ahead for the Greek people it is my personal opinion that the wrong path was taken 5 years ago. People who did  not understand the Greek way of life and economics forced the people to make concessions that the majority of Greeks knew would not work in the long term. At this point I think exiting the Eurozone is the best option for Greece. Staying and drowning in all the reforms imposed by other countries has done enough damage. Just because a exiting the Eurozone has unknown consequences does not mean staying in the Eurozone is the right option.

I agree with the referendum. Leave it to the people to decide which path Greece should follow. And to the foreign minister who said he “felt betrayed” by Greece. I think Greece has felt betrayed since the beginning.

In the meantime – TRAVEL TO GREECE!!! Seriously. I cannot wait to take my daughter when she’s older.


International Yoga Day!


Young & old and in between – I hope you get a little yoga in today !

Happy Sunday!

Photography: Mini-Adventures with my Zeiss 50mm/1.4

1/100 f/16 ISO 500

So far, I love it. Most of it. I’m getting used to manual focus but the effort is definitely paying off with the crisp, clear, vibrant colours of the photos! I’m sure with a tripod this lens is even more phenomenal. So two thumbs way up for the Zeiss 50 mm/1.4.

1/1250 f/2.0 ISO 8001/4000 f/1.4 ISO 800

None of these photos have been edited. Not even cropped!

Peas! In Early June!

So you can see with the picture of the peas – the softness that happens when you’re holding the camera and trying to stay at the same focal length. Like I said, a tripod would fix this but sometimes there just isn’t enough time

Happy Shooting!

Father’s Day Craft: Something Fishy

So I am not a terribly creative person. However since having my little girl I have learned that the least expensive and most cherished gifts I can give people are crafts made by her tiny hands.

So I went to Michaels, got some stuff and this is what we made!

Something's Fishy...

It took us a total of 3 nights to do. I’m sure you could do it in 2 nights or one day if you have time to let the paint dry

So our first night I had my daughter paint a white piece of “foam paper”. This was less than $1.50 at Michaels. The glitter paint I had lying around from a previously failed project.

imageA Masterpiece!

The next night we painted the canvas board all blue. It’s about 12 inches wide by 8 inches long and was on sale at Michaels for 60% off.

Finally, I drew fish on the back of the foam board and cut them out, glued some buttons for eyes & stuck them on the canvas. TA-DA!

We will probably add some bubbles with silver glitter paint and write “Happy Fathers Day” on the side along with the year!

Happy Crafting! What are you doing for Father’s day?!?

Photography: Zeiss 50 mm/1.4 – What a nice piece of glASS!

I have a new love. It’s taken a bit of time for us to meet. I’ve had to wait for rebates from B&H and work a little bit more to make it feasible, but at long last we are together.

Zeiss 50/1.4 Canon mount
Zeiss 50/1.4 Canon mount

So say hello to my new Zeiss 50/1.4 ZE. I feel immense guilt taking a photo of it with an iPhone, but oh well.

If you’ve read my other photography posts you’ll know recently I traded in my body, all my lenses (except my 16-35 L) to get a Canon Mark iii. I love my 16-35 but I love nice crisp portraiture shots of my daughter WITHOUT barrel distortion even more. So I have been waiting to get my hands a nice 50 mm. I did not want to spend the money on the Canon L 50 mm.

The manual focus so far has not been a big issue. I’ll update this as I use the lens in more situations. I surprised myself that it hasn’t been too bothersome especially right at the beginning. I haven’t bought any type of filter for this lens, I have a B+W on my 16-35. The colours on the Zeiss are just too gorgeous to risk taking away any of the quality with a filter.

I have the feeling we are going to be the best of friends.

Life after Miscarriage: Compassion & Empathy

We are officially 4 months past my miscarriage earlier in the year. Most moments are good, some moments I feel the weight and freshness of the miscarriage like it was yesterday. It’s amazing how it changes your perspective on pregnancy and children. I wish more than anything I did not have a miscarriage however that is not my reality. So I need to do my best to keep my chin up & a smile on my face.

I wish every time I saw a pregnancy announcement on my Facebook or on a chat board I didn’t have a small sting of pain in my heart. I wish when I saw a mom with two young children, or young children and pregnant I didn’t get that heartbreaking jealous feeling. I want to be happy for others. Especially at the best time of their lives. I loved being pregnant. I love my little girl more than anything and I am so thankful to have her and to have had a relatively uneventful pregnancy. I am beyond thankful to have had her to help get through the miscarriage.

Having a miscarriage has made me more compassionate for other women going through fertility struggles. I also no longer ask “When is #2 coming?” or “When are you guys going to have kids?!” Everytime I get asked this I have to put on that fake smile while I’m screaming “I AM TRYING!!!! MY VERY HARDEST!!” on the inside.

I hope I can eventually get to a place where I feel that genuine happiness for everyone around me who gets pregnant. I want that feeling back and I think besides my unborn baby this is the biggest thing miscarriage has taken from me.

No Pics On Social Media! The Day I Understood Why

SO Scary!
I do not post many pics of my daughter on any website even though my ‘privacy’ settings are maxed out.
Family asks before they post anything of my daughter since they think I’m neurotic
However, I was at a local play center and I saw one of my friends daughter. She doesn’t know me all that well and her mom and I talk only on occasion. But I recognized her in a second and I realized it wasn’t because I saw her on a regular basis in person, I recognized her from all the pictures her mom posts on facebook!
I had all this information about her and I am not a close family friend. I knew her name, I knew what she liked, I knew what she didn’t like.
I was instantly mortified about how easy this information is to get on the internet.
After reading this story I will definitely be on a bit more high alert for those creepy guys with the cameras on the beach (and other areas)

A Momma's View

My husband doesn’t really like Facebook. Nor does he like any other social network. He thinks too much information get shared which makes it too easy for scumbags to take advantage of you. And I agree with him. What I struggled agreeing with him for a long time was his “no posting pictures policy”.

I admit, he got me to the point where I started asking other parents if it’s okay to take pictures of a team event with my children in, of my kids playing with them on a playground. They usually looked at me and didn’t understand why someone would ask at all. I always promised them not to share the pictures with their children in online. Which they thought was weird too, in most cases.

After all everyone does it, right? Everyone shares pictures on social networks. And why should you hide your life, your stunning pictures…

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