E-Commerce: One Tough Cookie

I have recently launched a line of travel kits for parents traveling with infants and toddlers.


After doing some research I thought Shopify & Amazon would be the best launching platforms. I did the legwork, calculated the fees and posted my oh so brilliant idea. Now for the waiting game! It’s a tough cookie to crack to get meaningful traffic to the site. Amazon’s fees are exorborant but the traffic is key if you can break into their search terms. Even with advertising pay-per-click getting the “buy box” on a novel product is going to be tough and most likely un-achievable. Taking us to Shopify. Fees are not too terrible (monthly fee), you get your own website plus a blog (because ONE isn’t enough!). It allows great consumer-seller interaction and is very easy to use. I’ve learned a lot about internet searching, SEO, google optimization etc in the past couple weeks. It’s a bit daunting but I know I cannot just give up. Time & perseverance are my frenemies. So if you have young children & travel with said young children check out my site! I promise you everything is quality and I use every single thing every time we take my little sidekick traveling around the globe. The only thing that may be missing is a travel size bottle of wine. But we can’t have everything we need.

You can check out my Shopify site here:


If Amazon is more your style:



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