No Pics On Social Media! The Day I Understood Why

SO Scary!
I do not post many pics of my daughter on any website even though my ‘privacy’ settings are maxed out.
Family asks before they post anything of my daughter since they think I’m neurotic
However, I was at a local play center and I saw one of my friends daughter. She doesn’t know me all that well and her mom and I talk only on occasion. But I recognized her in a second and I realized it wasn’t because I saw her on a regular basis in person, I recognized her from all the pictures her mom posts on facebook!
I had all this information about her and I am not a close family friend. I knew her name, I knew what she liked, I knew what she didn’t like.
I was instantly mortified about how easy this information is to get on the internet.
After reading this story I will definitely be on a bit more high alert for those creepy guys with the cameras on the beach (and other areas)

A Momma's View

My husband doesn’t really like Facebook. Nor does he like any other social network. He thinks too much information get shared which makes it too easy for scumbags to take advantage of you. And I agree with him. What I struggled agreeing with him for a long time was his “no posting pictures policy”.

I admit, he got me to the point where I started asking other parents if it’s okay to take pictures of a team event with my children in, of my kids playing with them on a playground. They usually looked at me and didn’t understand why someone would ask at all. I always promised them not to share the pictures with their children in online. Which they thought was weird too, in most cases.

After all everyone does it, right? Everyone shares pictures on social networks. And why should you hide your life, your stunning pictures…

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