Review: Kit & Ace Clothing

So if you have an unhealthy amount of Lululemon clothing in your closet you know there are days when you think “Can’t I just wear some Lulu to work?” Unless you’re a yoga/pilates/athletic instructor.. the answer is no.

Until now… sorta.

I somehow stumbled across Kit & Ace and their wonderful technical cashmere. The owners are actually the daughter-in-law & son of Lululemon founder Chip Wilson (whose face is still on my shoe from the SeaWheeze Half). Free shipping & free returns means I filled my cart up. Then selectively removed the majority of the items since I wasn’t about to drop $600. Shipping was prompt on their behalf, not so fast with our local delivery people which is pretty typical for living in a northern community.

I ordered the Grace Tee (Size 4), the Claire Tank (Size 2) & the Balsam Tank (Size 2).

Claire Tank

I loved them all. They are cozy, comfortable and look fantastic on. Definitely appropriate for professional wear. They wash well which is extremely important to me and all other mom’s out there. I haven’t put them in the dryer – yet. As with most of my belongings there will be a point where they will be tossed into the abyss of the dryer. Although the tags for the Balsam & Grace say the dryer is OK (hurray!)

I wore my Balsam tank while out & about in Michigan last weekend and felt like a brand ambassador as nearly every second person on the street tried to either pick off the markings on my back or actually ask what they were. And same thing happened when I had the Claire tank on while I was running errands in my hometown. I’m almost hesitant to tell people about Kit & Ace. It’s THAT good. You want to pretend like you just wear the S*@T out of all your clothes.

So if you need some new “professional” wear that IS comfortable enough where you’ll never say “I wish I could wear Lulu to work” head on over to Kit & Ace

Plus it’s a Canadian company. You can’t go wrong!


4 thoughts on “Review: Kit & Ace Clothing

  1. Thanks for the review. I just bought my first item and I’m waiting for more. I bought the Ellery pant on sale and it’s fantastic. LET’S HOPE THEY STAY CANADIAN!!!. Lululemon caved to the big factories across the pond and their product has never been the same.

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  2. Sorry I love my kit and Ace black shirt however after not too many wears it is pilling.I do never put in the dryer.disappoinet!


    1. That is so disappointing!! I have washed and dried all my items that say it’s safe too and have yet to have any pilling- I would call and see if they will do something for you! I know Lulu is really great when things pill – give it a try! Let me know how their customer service is


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