Summer Fit Gear Exchange: Canadian Version

Summer Fit Gear Exchange

I was so excited to see that Brittany over at Running Mama Journey was organizing a Summer Fit Gear Exchange. I’ve been slacking terribly on running and even my yoga practice is beginning to slide so I thought what a great way to get motivated by connecting with other woman who are doing their best to keep in shape!

By the luck of the draw I was buying for Janelle at Wholly Healthy Blog all the way on the West Coast- pop over to her site to see the goodies she received from me! I won’t spoil it here – but you NEED to check it out, I think it’s pretty cool 🙂

Laura over at Healthy Foodies Losing Booties had my name and these are the goodies I received!

My Goodies!

Asics Hera quarter socks (which are incredibly comfy for long runs), a neon Under Armour head band which I will no doubt wear stylishly every opportunity I get. A Vega-One nutritional shake which was actually YUMMY (unlike those terrible carnation drinks I have nightmares about when I swam competitively) and a Cliff Chocolate shot which I’m keeping for when I do a longer run! Also a really sweet card which I totally did NOT send to Janelle. Oops!

It was great seeing new blogs and making some new friends! Here’s to keeping fit & keeping in touch! Cheers!

The other ladies who participated and who you should totally check their blogs out:

Tina @ Fabulosi – T

Anna @ Pipers Run

Kyla @ Early Bird Fitness

Charlotte @ CharFlew23


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