Work-Out Wednesday: Summer Goal

Running the Lululemon Seawheeze Half

Alright. I’ll admit it. I’ve been slacking. It’s time to get back to my semi-regular routine of running.

Since the miscarriage I’ve just had a fear of exercising in case I get pregnant again. I was fairly active during my first pregnancy with my daughter and during my pregnancy that ended in miscarriage earlier this year. Plus I ran a half marathon last summer (the Lulu Seawheeze – Ah-mazing)… so I was in pretty good shape for awhile.

My mind knows that exercising didn’t cause the miscarriage but sometimes your heart needs a bit more time to believe.

We are heading to Europe in 11 weeks. So I’ve made the modest goal of 100 km of running in 10 weeks. 10 k a week. 2 5k runs. I can do it. I can get back into this. If by some miracle I get pregnant again (trust me, we’re trying… at this point I just want a baby put into me) I’ll maybe just walk vigorously… prancercise anyone??

I’ll be using Strava to track my runs and hopefully make a few records around town. Just last year I was the queen of a few segments… I’ve now been dethroned (& rightfully so).

What are your summer fitness goals?? Want to join me on my 100 km challenge? I’ll try and update every Wednesday with my progress!

Cheers! I mean… Run. Then Cheers.


4 thoughts on “Work-Out Wednesday: Summer Goal

  1. My summer goal is to remain uninjured after being injured fro 6 months and successfully finish half marathon #3 early September.
    Sounds like you have reasonable summer goals for running! All the best in the baby department 🙂


    1. No injuries is a great goal!!! Good luck on the half.. where is it??
      I can’t believe how much I was running last year and skiing in the winter to pretty much doing nada for 6 months!


  2. That’s a great running goal! I’ve been doing the couch to 5K but I can’t get around to running more than twice a week so it’s taking me a very long time to finish. I’m running a 5K in September and my only goal is to run it without walking.
    Happy baby thoughts 🙂


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