Stacking up Sunday: My 100 KM challenge so far


Well I am definitely on track! I have racked up 18 km of walking/running in the past two weeks (with still 2 days to hit 20) AND have also biked 16.8 km! My MOTHER is kicking butt at the challenge and is actually in front of me with walking/running kilometers. Which I find amazing and it’s truly remarkable how setting a time-specific goal can help motivate people! My sister on the other hand has managed to come up with every single excuse in the book not to get moving!!

Not only is it nice to see the numbers but I feel SO MUCH better. My body is starting to feel like my own again, my stomach is  a little less pillsbury dough boy-ish and I’ve found it easier to get back into yoga with the cardio work.

Just over 8 weeks and left and 80 km to go – and it feels attainable. I don’t feel daunted by this number. Maybe I’m just having a good day, maybe that glass of Valpolicella at lunch made me feel light & airy – either way I’m definitely coming back to this post if I ever feel down!

Also – I don’t feel as stressed about getting pregnant. I don’t feel as sad about my miscarriage. These exercise hormones are good things. Someone should seriously consider bottling them up.

So cheers to setting goals and kicking ass! Every little step helps! Now I’m off to get those 2 km in before my mom gets too far ahead of me! … after I head out to enjoy the sunshine & lake…


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