Food: Giada’s Salmon with Lemon & Capers

Here’s another great recipe from Giada. It’s super easy and super quick. Definitely doable after a long day of work. From start to finish you’re looking at about 20 -25 minutes and depending on your sides you may be waiting longer for rice to cook!

Salmon is so healthy for everyone in your family (even toddlers!) unfortunately it is getting extremely hard to find wild caught salmon in any of the grocery stores near me. So we tend to only eat it in the summer when Grandpa has had a successful day of fishing. However, we still usually buy farmed from the store every once and awhile and this is our favourite way to cook it. There is a huge debate about wild vs. farmed salmon – which I don’t have the time or energy to delve into today. I firmly believe everything in moderation and personally I prefer wild over farmed but I have a sinking feeling farmed may be our only option in the not so distant future.

When buying farmed salmon from the grocery store you want to make sure it has a nice pink colour, doesn’t smell like fish and does not have too much fat. If you look closely at the fish you will see white lines separating the pink. Lots of white = lots of fat so try and pick pieces with as little white as possible. Ask your local grocer when they usually get the delivery of salmon and try to shop on those days when it will be the most fresh.

Here is the link to the original recipe:

Step one: I tend to take the skin off the salmon, this is optional but after washing the slice of fish just take your favourite filet knife and cut the skin off (or leave it on). Grab a piece of foil, place the salmon on it and fold up the sides loosely. Pour some olive oil, salt & pepper on the piece of salmon.


Step 2: Mix your freshly squeezed lemon juice, wine and capers. I use a 1-1 ratio of lemon juice:wine simply because we tend to love anything citrus-y in our house. Pour about 3 tablespoons of the mixture into each tin foil pod & add a couple of slices of lemons.


Step 3: Wrap these babies up and stick on a BBQ or a grill pan for 10 minutes. Seriously, just 10 minutes.


Step 4: Enjoy!


I typically serve salmon with some wild grain rice & a nice big salad. Delicious & Nutritious!


* I did not use rosemary in the recipe, I am not a huge fan of it plus I hate buying a large bunch of herbs to use in a single recipe*