Savasana for Type A – Am I There Yet?

I am always up for a challenging yoga practice – although being 18 weeks pregnant EVERYTHING is becoming a challenge as my body changes. As with many people my favourite part of a great yoga practice is the end. Savasana or Corpse Pose, where you just are still. Being mindful of yourself, being present and and simply focusing on your breathing for 10 minutes seems like it should be easy, and some days it is. However, for myself, a busy mom, business owner and someone who always has 10 balls in the air it’s sometimes downright impossible.

I have reached that area of blissful mindful savasana TWICE, ever. Once you’ve been there you know what it’s all about and are constantly chasing that feeling. I find I do my best to count my breaths to clear my mind of everything else but that only works for about 10 breaths and then somehow my mind wanders – without me even realizing it at first.

I saw this post on Wanderlusts Instagram Account and thought it pegged me to a tee (I’m a Pisces)


So I will continue my yoga practice – trying to get better at letting it all go and attempting escaping to the bliss that is Savasana more often.

For all my Type A’s – how do you relax during Savasana?