Summer Fit Gear Exchange: Canadian Version

Summer Fit Gear Exchange

I was so excited to see that Brittany over at Running Mama Journey was organizing a Summer Fit Gear Exchange. I’ve been slacking terribly on running and even my yoga practice is beginning to slide so I thought what a great way to get motivated by connecting with other woman who are doing their best to keep in shape!

By the luck of the draw I was buying for Janelle at Wholly Healthy Blog all the way on the West Coast- pop over to her site to see the goodies she received from me! I won’t spoil it here – but you NEED to check it out, I think it’s pretty cool 🙂

Laura over at Healthy Foodies Losing Booties had my name and these are the goodies I received!

My Goodies!

Asics Hera quarter socks (which are incredibly comfy for long runs), a neon Under Armour head band which I will no doubt wear stylishly every opportunity I get. A Vega-One nutritional shake which was actually YUMMY (unlike those terrible carnation drinks I have nightmares about when I swam competitively) and a Cliff Chocolate shot which I’m keeping for when I do a longer run! Also a really sweet card which I totally did NOT send to Janelle. Oops!

It was great seeing new blogs and making some new friends! Here’s to keeping fit & keeping in touch! Cheers!

The other ladies who participated and who you should totally check their blogs out:

Tina @ Fabulosi – T

Anna @ Pipers Run

Kyla @ Early Bird Fitness

Charlotte @ CharFlew23


Review: Kit & Ace Clothing

So if you have an unhealthy amount of Lululemon clothing in your closet you know there are days when you think “Can’t I just wear some Lulu to work?” Unless you’re a yoga/pilates/athletic instructor.. the answer is no.

Until now… sorta.

I somehow stumbled across Kit & Ace and their wonderful technical cashmere. The owners are actually the daughter-in-law & son of Lululemon founder Chip Wilson (whose face is still on my shoe from the SeaWheeze Half). Free shipping & free returns means I filled my cart up. Then selectively removed the majority of the items since I wasn’t about to drop $600. Shipping was prompt on their behalf, not so fast with our local delivery people which is pretty typical for living in a northern community.

I ordered the Grace Tee (Size 4), the Claire Tank (Size 2) & the Balsam Tank (Size 2).

Claire Tank

I loved them all. They are cozy, comfortable and look fantastic on. Definitely appropriate for professional wear. They wash well which is extremely important to me and all other mom’s out there. I haven’t put them in the dryer – yet. As with most of my belongings there will be a point where they will be tossed into the abyss of the dryer. Although the tags for the Balsam & Grace say the dryer is OK (hurray!)

I wore my Balsam tank while out & about in Michigan last weekend and felt like a brand ambassador as nearly every second person on the street tried to either pick off the markings on my back or actually ask what they were. And same thing happened when I had the Claire tank on while I was running errands in my hometown. I’m almost hesitant to tell people about Kit & Ace. It’s THAT good. You want to pretend like you just wear the S*@T out of all your clothes.

So if you need some new “professional” wear that IS comfortable enough where you’ll never say “I wish I could wear Lulu to work” head on over to Kit & Ace

Plus it’s a Canadian company. You can’t go wrong!

Food Friday: FIGS! with Goat Cheese & Prosciutto

I was introduced to figs a couple years ago while dining at a local restaurant. Now I scour the grocery stores in early summer to find the freshest California figs possible. If you love figs, goat cheese & prosciutto then this recipe is for you!!

For 6 figs you will need:

6 teaspoons of goat cheese (~ 50 grams)

3-4 slices of THINLY cut prosciutto – cut in half lengthwise. Sometimes they don’t cut very well so you may need an extra slice for back up.

Scrolling back through my pictures I missed a couple of steps – probably because I was licking my fingers – but I’ll explain it. Trust me, it’s easy. And delicious.

First: The Figs

California Mission Figs

I start by cutting the ends off so they stand up on their own. Then PEEL them. Very gently. They are delicate so make sure you have a sharp knife!

Fig PrepPeeled Figs

Next: Freeze ’em! That’s right. Throw them in a plastic bag and put them in the freezer for a couple hours. If you don’t plan on using them right away (which tends to happen if you buy a case) – vacuum pack them and then freeze.

About an hour before you’re ready to cook, take some goat cheese out of the fridge. You’ll want about a teaspoon per fig.  I use PC Blue Menu Goat Cheese. Also get out your thinly sliced prosciutto that has been cut/torn in half lengthwise.

Start your grill and let it get up to at least 400 F but no hotter than 500 F

Take the figs out of the freezer and start working. You need to get this part done before the fig has time to defrost.

Cut the fig in half lengthwise (top to bottom). With a spoon place about a teaspoon of goat cheese between the two halves and then wrap it with half a slice of the prosciutto. Continue on until they are all done.

Place on the grill for about 2-3 minutes each side. Just so the prosciutto crisps up a bit.


SERVE! The warm prosciutto and goat cheese with the chilled fig is like a party in your mouth. They are delectable!

Travel: Our Time in Greece

My husband and I spent 5 weeks backpacking in Europe  when we graduated in 2010. Our last 7 days were spent traveling through Greece. We started in Corfu where we staying at the (in)famous Pink Palace. A place which is great for young twenty-somethings and a place where I hope my daughter never ventures. Corfu itself was beautiful. The landscape and the seaside cliffs and views were the most amazing sights we had seen through our travels. The food was phenomenal. This was a great start to our final leg of our vacation.


Next up we took a bus (the train operators were on strike) to Kalambaka/Meteora and stayed at Aldo’s Place, a hostel located at the base of the majestic cliffs that cut through the town. Venture up the cliffs and you will find Monasteries that date back to 14th to 16th century. The town is quaint and quiet and surprisingly not too touristy.


Next up bus to Athens. We stopped in Delphi which I definitely wish we had more time to see however it can be done in a day.

ATHENS! We arrived in Athens just a few days after the riots in 2010. There were daily protests and heavily armed police on every corner. People were angry at their government and the tension was palpable. I can only imagine how it was during the riots. The ferries that normally take people to the islands you hear so much about were also on strike. So we were stuck in Athens for the final 5 days of our trip. It’s not a bad place to be stuck at all. We walked around. Enjoyed the city & the food.


As far as the unrest and big decision that lie ahead for the Greek people it is my personal opinion that the wrong path was taken 5 years ago. People who did  not understand the Greek way of life and economics forced the people to make concessions that the majority of Greeks knew would not work in the long term. At this point I think exiting the Eurozone is the best option for Greece. Staying and drowning in all the reforms imposed by other countries has done enough damage. Just because a exiting the Eurozone has unknown consequences does not mean staying in the Eurozone is the right option.

I agree with the referendum. Leave it to the people to decide which path Greece should follow. And to the foreign minister who said he “felt betrayed” by Greece. I think Greece has felt betrayed since the beginning.

In the meantime – TRAVEL TO GREECE!!! Seriously. I cannot wait to take my daughter when she’s older.

Photography: Mini-Adventures with my Zeiss 50mm/1.4

1/100 f/16 ISO 500

So far, I love it. Most of it. I’m getting used to manual focus but the effort is definitely paying off with the crisp, clear, vibrant colours of the photos! I’m sure with a tripod this lens is even more phenomenal. So two thumbs way up for the Zeiss 50 mm/1.4.

1/1250 f/2.0 ISO 8001/4000 f/1.4 ISO 800

None of these photos have been edited. Not even cropped!

Peas! In Early June!

So you can see with the picture of the peas – the softness that happens when you’re holding the camera and trying to stay at the same focal length. Like I said, a tripod would fix this but sometimes there just isn’t enough time

Happy Shooting!

Father’s Day Craft: Something Fishy

So I am not a terribly creative person. However since having my little girl I have learned that the least expensive and most cherished gifts I can give people are crafts made by her tiny hands.

So I went to Michaels, got some stuff and this is what we made!

Something's Fishy...

It took us a total of 3 nights to do. I’m sure you could do it in 2 nights or one day if you have time to let the paint dry

So our first night I had my daughter paint a white piece of “foam paper”. This was less than $1.50 at Michaels. The glitter paint I had lying around from a previously failed project.

imageA Masterpiece!

The next night we painted the canvas board all blue. It’s about 12 inches wide by 8 inches long and was on sale at Michaels for 60% off.

Finally, I drew fish on the back of the foam board and cut them out, glued some buttons for eyes & stuck them on the canvas. TA-DA!

We will probably add some bubbles with silver glitter paint and write “Happy Fathers Day” on the side along with the year!

Happy Crafting! What are you doing for Father’s day?!?