I’m BACK … It’s been a long few months

This post is a baby step towards getting back into my groove.

Italy was absolutely amazing and totally exhausting with a toddler, but I would totally do it again. I will update with pictures and stories and travel tips in a different post.

Unfortunately I miscarried again after Italy – a “chemical pregnancy” as it’s called which still sucks but wasn’t as emotionally draining as our miscarriage in March. I think that is why I have been hesitant to post. Miscarriage, trying to get pregnant (unsuccessfully) and constantly being reminded of this is exhausting and heartbreaking.

So, obviously since I’m cheery and posting —> I’m pregnant again. Finally. I’m 14 weeks, we still haven’t told EVERYONE yet but those who mean the most to me know the good news. Somedays I feel like I’m walking with an anvil over my head, so afraid to acknowledge this pregnancy in case it gets taken away but every week my excitement grows a bit more and the anxiety becomes a bit less. So I’m getting there.

Like I said, this is a baby step so it’s short but sweet 🙂

Talk soon!!!



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