Photography & Skiing : Ready for the Snow to Melt!!!


Although I am extremely lucky to live close to great cross country skiing trails I am officially over winter. These photos were taken yesterday. We still have a ton of snow and if the weather continues like this I will be skiing into April. Again.

At least I’m not on the East Coast of Canada? That’s about all the weather comfort I can get right now


Blogging: Why I can’t just be a “Mommy Blogger”


I started this blog as a way to express how hard I was finding being a mom, business owner, wife and overall human being. After getting my experiences out of having my daughter and all my favourite things about being a mom I realized that there was no way this could solely continue as a mommy blog. I am not just a mommy. This poor little blog would have died a long time ago.

I feared at the beginning that I would just be writing to no one. That there is no way I could connect with people if I didn’t stick to one topic. Well, a few posts later and skimming the surface of my other loves (photography, travel & wine) I realized how great it is to connect with OTHER people who love photography, travel & wine. It allows me to discover other blogs and learn things about others who share common interests AND travel the world through my computer. I have added several places to my travel bucket list from posts seen on here. So I am always excited to do a post on different subjects to see who I will reach and who will reach to me.

It is so therapeutic to write what is happening in life and to reach out to others as they travel through their own worlds. We now live in a world where everyone is so rushed to get to a destination they forget to stop and talk to people along the way. This is why I love blogging, for those days where I haven’t been as social outside of the internet as I strive to be.

It is a place for us to stop, look at each other, take time to understand what someone else is going through and offer advice & support.

So to all of you who are afraid of branching out – don’t be. To everyone who sticks to one topic – thank you! You make it easy to find information and are typically in the know 🙂


Free! Giveaway! Stuff!

So I always hate seeing giveaways/free stuff on Twitter in an attempt to get more followers .. yet here I am – but not to get more followers.

I am playing with a little idea I had to market a kit for moms of infants & toddlers to travel with. Basically the essentials that I absolutely need anytime I fly or go anywhere for a week when with my daughter.

SO I am looking for 6 moms/dads/people with little people who will be traveling with a baby or toddler in the next little while to generously give me your address so I can send you a “free” kit.

What are the strings you might ask?! Well, I will also be emailing you a questionnaire after your vacation about what you thought of the product, what you think was missing and any ideas for improvement. That’s. It. No spamming emails for the rest of you life. No phone calls. No signatures.

If you blog – I am not asking for a product review – however if you LOVE it then I won’t stand in your way.

So if you are interested please shoot me an email at let me know WHEN you are traveling so I can have it delivered for you on time.

While I would love to ship worldwide I’m keeping the giveaways to Canada/USA… If I become a millionaire I’ll change this 🙂

** If by some miracle I get an overwhelming response I will send out more than 6 samples **

Travel: Our Next Adventure – Italia!

2012 - Looking over Aiello, Calabria
2012 – Looking over Aiello, Calabria, Italia

Now that we are back from California & NYC and have had a couple days getting back into routine it’s time to start thinking “Where are we going next?”

Maybe I’m crazy, maybe I’m still trying to distract myself from my miscarriage or maybe I just enjoy the look of fear on people’s faces when they see a toddler at the same gate in the airport.

I have been fortunate enough to travel to Italy twice. Both times I had plans to visit Sicily, both times we ended up staying longer in Calabria with family and didn’t make it. So when I saw a conference was going to be held there – the first thing I thought was : Perfect!! The first thing my husband thought : didn’t we just get back from vacation?

So we hope to be heading back to Italy in the fall, with a squirmy 2 year old. I am keeping my fingers crossed for some family members to join us. Even with just one child the more help the easier things are (most of the time).

Where my nana lived - in the hills of Aiello
Where my nana lived – in the hills of Aiello

Tentative plans are Florence (for the first part of the conference), then family in Calabria then SICILY! I am trying to keep the trip around 2 weeks, if my husband was able to take more time off I would do 3. PLUS what better place to really try out my new Canon Mark iii?!

It’s early still , but when it comes to travel I am a planner. Eleven of us went 3 years ago and there may have been a poster board agenda … With cutout heads of everyone that was going … (Type A shining through)


Poetry In Motion – On a subway in NYC


(photo taken in Central Park March 21/15)

I usually don’t pay too much attention to what is written on the ads on a NYC subway and I’m not sure why I read this particular sign but it honestly gave me chills. I guess they are doing a “Poetry In Motion” series and I’m assuming they have different quotes up in different modes of transportation

I remember my mother toward the end,
folding the tablecloth after dinner
so carefully,
as if it were the flag
of a country that no longer existed,
but once had ruled the world.

-Jim Moore

Growing up italian, dinner – and not just Sunday night – was something you did not miss. No matter how busy you were, everyone sat down to eat, drink & talk together. The food was freshly made and would make most restaurant meals look and taste inadequate. It is a symbol of a country long forgotten. I see it with my colleagues, with some of my extended family members and more often than not with my in-laws. I think many families would be surprised at how much you can come together by simply sharing a meal.

This is a tradition I want to carry on. I want to show my daughter how much joy you can experience with a simple meal with those you love. Sitting down. Looking at each other. Speaking about your day. No cell phones, no TV and no distractions. We will see how much of this fight I can win, especially when she’s a teenager. But looking back – all of my favourite memories happened around a dinner table. This is what most strongly connects me to my Nono & Nana’s table in Aiello, Calabria.

This is our connection to our roots, right here in Canada.

I am so thankful I looked up & read what was around me this weekend in New York. I’ll have to do that more often while in the city that never sleeps.

Food: Sunday Afternoon Charcuterie


There are few things I love more than a great wine and a great selection of meat & cheese. The simplicity of meat and cheese and the bold flavour they can pack makes me a happy girl 🙂

So in order to celebrate my 31st birthday my friends asked what I wanted to do, I have just gotten back from NYC so any restaurant we go to now will seem like a disappointment. Drinks are out simply because I’m too tired by 8:00 and hate leaving my little girl before bed and especially since I was away already for a few nights this week. So being a mom who loves her wine, I suggested a charcuterie & wine party Sunday afternoon DURING nap time. This is pretty much a win-win-win situation. 1) Meat, cheese & wine 2) good company 3) nap time so I have zero mom guilt for leaving for an extended period of time.

Everyone is bringing something but I thought I would post my contribution


Homemade (literally, my father made this) soppresatta

Calabresi hot salami



Sovrano (this stuff is AMAZING, like salty, mild parmesan)


Sharp Cheddar – I grew up eating soppresatta and cheddar, some may look down upon this but growing up Calabrese I’m used to it 🙂


I of course have a Barolo here but I know there will be a Nero D’Avola and likely a Barberesco joining the party as well – If anything is amazingly outstanding I’ll update this post.

Alright – lunch is over – now to tackle nap time for my little one!

Cheers & Happy Sunday to everyone!

Ahhh NYC


Just arrived in NYC for a couple nights … And I have already enjoyed an amazing lunch at Colicchio & Sons and spent way too much at B & H  …

My tummy is full of delicious fennel salad & a duck fat, garlic & arugula pizza and my camera bag is complete with my ultra fancy Canon Mark iii

I hope everyone has a great weekend ! More posts when I am back home …